Historic Properties

African-American Properties in St. Louis  • Listed in the National Register of Historical Places

Here are most of them:  (more information to come)

State Historic Site 

1.  Scott Joplin House   2658 Delmar, St. Louis, MO - (314) 340-5790

Individual Properties

1. Block Unit 1  
Lewis Place  
1100 N. Taylor at Lewis Place  St. Louis, MO 63113  
Contact: Pamela Talley, President, Lewis Place Historical Preservation, Inc. - (314) 535-1354 

2. The Castle Ballroom - http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/11000024.pdf

3. Central High School  3616 Garrison Ave., St. Louis, MO  

4. Chuck Berry House   3137 Whittier Street,  St. Louis, MO  63115   Contact Laura 
Costello, Director, LRA- Land Reutilization Authority (314) 622-3400 

5. Eugene Field House   
(This is not really celebrated as a site that is important to black history, but considering it was the home of attorney Roswell Field (Eugene’s father) during the time period when he was one of Dred Scott’s lawyers, it deserves to be interpreted as playing a role in the case). 

6. Quinn Chapel AME Church - http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/74002277.pdf 

7. Shelley House - http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/88000437.pdf 

8. Vashon Community Center  3145 Market Street, St. Louis, MO    (314) 652-8805

1.   Negro Masonic Hall   3615-59  Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, St. Louis, MO


1.  Wagoner Place (Dick Gregory) Historic District    St. Louis, MO

2.  Mt. Cabanne/Raymond Place Historic District       St. Louis, MO

3.  The Ville Historic District – National Register listed properties in the Ville  

Antioch Baptist Church

Charles Turner Open Air School 

Cote Brilliante Avenue in the Ville Historic District  

Dr. Herman S. Dreer House   4335 Cote Brilliante  

Marshall School – vacant – Board of Education owns   

Marshall School in the Ville Historic District  

Homer G. Phillips Hospital  

Homer G. Phillips House    4524 Cottage  

St. Ferdinand Avenue in the Ville Historic District  

St. Louis Colored Orphans Home  

Simmons Colored School 

Stowe Teachers College 

Tandy Community Center  4206 Kennerly  (314) 652-5131

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