Mrs. Lillie V. Pearson
(Pictured with granddaughter and 
grandcats Sarah and Snowball) 
Founder of Tillie's Food Shop and
Tillie's Corner 

We are Praying for everyone to Be Well Be Safe.

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Tillie's Corner Groundbreaking Celebration on the original site    Wednesday, September 25, 2013  

Tillie's Corner 
a historic small business hub in the City of St. Louis, Missouri

“If I can help just one child, I’ll feel as if I’ve done something right.” 
– Mrs. Lillie V. “Granny” Pearson (Miss Tillie)

The restoration of Tillie's Corner is inspired by Granny's dedication 
and commitment that she had to help children and families.
Join our team as we promote keeping history in our St. Louis neighborhoods!

Historic Miss Tillie’s Corner Community Garden (Opened April 2014)
Teaching families how to grow their own food and provide healthy eating resources.

Tillie's Food Shop, established in 1948 
Working to build a memorial where the historic grocery store used to stand, and restore the old garage
to look like the grocery store interior.  To function as a library, research and learning center for children.

Granny’s Learning Playground 
A children's interactive garden playground for toddlers and children with special needs.

The Project