A Rebirth Blessing for Tillie's Corner! 
EM Harris Construction Company and subcontractors built the "Tillie's Corner Butterfly Home" as a tribute to Miss Tillie's wonderful story of her commitment to the community and her exceptional St. Louis small business history, right back in the same location. see Project Page

A New Tillie's Corner will​ preserve Granny's legacy & history;

and the rich culture in our neighborhood.


Tillie’s Corner  •  1345-55 North Garrison Avenue  •  P.O.Box 6253 •  St. Louis, MO 63106 USA

In memory of 
Mrs. Lillie V. “Granny” Pearson 

​without the people ...wouldn't be no history 

Surrounded by her favorite pastimes and favorite things, 
Mrs. Lillie V. “Granny” Pearson enjoys her home and business on the corner that she established 69 years ago.  
Mrs. Pearson was well-known 
as “Miss Tillie”, when she owned and operated her neighborhood grocery store, Tillie’s Food Shop.  Later on through the years, she titled her property and land at the corner of Garrison and Sheridan Avenues in the city of St. Louis, “Tillie’s Corner”.  World-renowned artist, Bill O’Donnell illustrated these blessings in this biographical sketch, created in 1995 for Granny’s 80th birthday.  Mrs. Pearson passed away, Thursday, November 30, 2006, at the age of 91.

On Thursday, December 20, 2012, the historic Tillie's Food Shop building collapsed during a windstorm.  The 3 buildings were torn down January-March 2013.

Special Thanks to the
St. Louis Board of Aldermen for the Resolution that deemed Tillie's Corner a St. Louis historic landmark, presented November 3, 2012.