Backyards, back of property

Miss Tillie, 33 years old,
​in her store Tillie’s Food Shop 1948

North view from car shows small lot and garage


where children learn the significance of history and preservation

Back in the day

LEFT:Glendora, whose nickname is Tillie

RIGHT: Children at the meat counter

Big lot, grass area, south side 

We are Praying for everyone to Be Well Be Safe.

Charlie and Lillie Velma Pearson,
four children with one on the way   Easter 1942

TILLIE'S CORNER - 1345-55 North Garrison Avenue • St. Louis, Missouri 63106 USA 
(corners of Garrison and Sheridan Avenues)

What the buildings used to look like, photos were taken in 2002.

19th Ward Jeff-Vander-Lou

Miss Tillie's Corner - 

Miss Tillie’s well-stocked grocery store

“Tillie’s Corner” consists of a big lot, three 3-story red-brick storefront homes with basements, a small lot, landscaped backyards, and a 2-car garage.

Parts are surrounded by 6-foot fencing and an emptied Kerosene tank welcomes the front gate walkway.

Backyards, back of property and garage

Mrs. Lillie V. "Granny" Pearson, aka Miss Tillie, age 90,  in front of her store,
​Tillie's Food Shop     2005

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Mrs. Lillie V. "Granny" Pearson,
aka Miss Tillie

Founder of Tillie's Food Shop and Tillie's Corner

Miguel and Carla Alexander, the protectors of Miss Tillie's legacy     2010

LEFT:Glendora, Mrs. Pearson's daughter, with a customer in front of the store

RIGHT: The children pose in the store door

Mrs. Pearson’s daughter, Margaret,
​working in the store

LEFT: Customers at the meat counter

CENTER: Customers in the ​store door

RIGHT: Mrs. Pearson and a customer